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Sita Sriwattanakosol



Sita Sriwattanakosol represents clients on matters related to intellectual property, with a focus on trademark recordals, mergers, assignments, and changes. Her experience handling trademark matters and guidance on intellectual asset management helps domestic and international companies of all sizes in implementing effective strategies to maintain and defend trademark portfolios through recordal of changes and assignments.

Sita is especially skilled in preparing various trademark-related reports—such as overseas trademark, renewal instruction, trademark search, watch, and other reports—to enable clients to make informed strategic decisions about how best to manage their trademarks in Thailand. In addition to advising and acting for some of the best-known companies in Thailand and overseas, her expertise also extends to negotiating with Department of Intellectual Property officials and advocating for the client’s projects and interests in Thailand.


  • Performed legal searches of Thailand’s trademark systems, business development systems, and other associated resources in order to uncover facts in support of clients’ cases.
  • Helped prepare required documents and official paperwork for a project on the list of goods and services of trademark applications designating Thailand filed through the Madrid system.
  • Assisted clients with legalization of documents to be used in defending the client’s trademarks in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Led the sending out of a post-Brexit trademark update to clients who own trademarks in the European Union.
  • Reviewed and updated trademarks lists each quarter according to client specifications in order to help the client keep track of the status their trademarks.






    BSW, Thammasat University


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