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December 23, 2013

Thai DIP Interviews David Lyman About Trademark Issues

Department of Intellectual Property

In order to promote the significance, history, and evolution of trademarks in Thailand, the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) has published a book to celebrate 99 years since the registration of Thailand’s first trademark. The book, which examines the history of significant trademark cases in Thailand, features an interview with David Lyman, Chairman and Chief Values Officer at Tilleke & Gibbins.

In the interview, David highlights the importance of trademarks: “Although a registered trademark is an intangible asset, it is one of the most important assets a business can have. The value of a trademark can be enormous, and they often outlive their original owners, to be passed on to many subsequent generations of proprietors.” He also discusses how Thailand’s trademark system can be improved: “Making the trademark system more accessible, particularly by SMEs, is important. This can be done through a process of modernization, by implementing an online trademark registration system. This way, applicants can submit their application online without having to physically appear at the DIP. This also means that all information would be stored online, increasing efficiency and improving searchability.”

If you would like to read the full interview (translated into Thai), please click on the PDF below.