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August 7, 2014

Associated Press: Nandana Indananda Interviewed on Commercial Surrogacy in Thailand

Associated Press

The issue of surrogacy has once again taken a foothold in the sphere of public debate with news of an Australian couple allegedly abandoning their disabled surrogate baby with his Thai surrogate mother. Covering the story, the Associated Press conducted an interview with Nandana Indananda, a partner at Tilleke & Gibbins who headed a project to draft Thailand’s still-pending surrogacy bill, for his insight and perspective on the matter. His comments were then included in an article entitled: “Thai Case Casts Spotlight on Business of Surrogacy.”

Remarking on the varying legality of commercial surrogacy in different jurisdictions, Nandana said, “in Thailand, wealthy couples from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia—where commercial surrogacy is banned—are major customers.” Adding to Thailand’s attractiveness as a destination for paid surrogacy, Nandana says, “contributing to Thailand’s popularity is the large number of impoverished women who will carry babies for a price, and the availability of doctors with good reproductive medical skills.”

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