Thailand Legal Basics

Tilleke & Gibbins

December 14, 2011

Thailand Legal Basics, a valuable primer for foreign investors, begins with an overview of Thailand’s legal system, including its history and the events and professionals that are shaping the legal system. Establishing a framework for the remainder of the chapters, the introduction also covers the sources of law in the Kingdom and the courts that interpret them. We then provide a summary of the general civil and criminal procedures for adjudication of claims. Finally, we discuss the role of arbitration and legal proceedings abroad.

Following the introduction, Thailand Legal Basics explores all aspects of doing business in Thailand—structures for doing business, property, banking and finance, labor and employment, taxation, the court systems, intellectual property, and many more general subjects. It also delves deeper into the regulation of specific industries including energy, mining, and telecommunications. This document provides an ideal starting point for research into the Thai legal system.