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Key Contacts









当事務所では、クライアントを訴訟チームの重要なパートナーとして考えており、最も適切な訴訟弁護士や専門家、国際紛争専門家と緊密に連携しながら困難な局面においても最善のサポートを提供しております。  また、クライアントと協力し、それぞれの事情に応じた目標や予算にマッチした戦略を立てております。訴訟チームには多言語に対応する弁護士を配置して、クライアントとの円滑なコミュニケーションを図っております。



  • Representing a major Thai bank in a multimillion dollar arbitration over delays to the construction of a landmark skyscraper project in Thailand.
  • Assisted an Indian IT company in successfully negotiating a settlement with a Vietnamese bank in a USD 10 million contract dispute related to the client’s provision of licensed banking software and related support services.
  • Worked with Thai government authorities to assist in the recovery of over USD 100 million of assets dishonestly expatriated from the country in one of the highest-profile fraud cases in Thai legal history.
  • Assisted a Malaysian company in the oil and gas sector in an arbitration case before the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) in Ho Chi Minh City related to performance of contract in a well plugging and abandonment project.
  • Represented multiple aircraft and engine leasing companies on significant damage claims against Thai airlines.
  • Won a domain name dispute case at the Ho Chi Minh City Court for a German auto manufacturer. The defendant was required to surrender the disputed domain names, make a public apology, and pay the client’s legal fees. This was the most severe punishment ever dealt out by a Vietnamese court to a cyber-squatter.
  • Acting for an Indonesian mining services company in the enforcement of an international arbitral award against a Thai counterparty that was obtained in relation to the sale and purchase of coal.
  • Advised a European elevator company in arbitration proceedings at VIAC in a USD 8 million dispute with a Vietnamese developer over the delay in implementation of a construction contract.
  • Advised a global automobile manufacturer on a significant customs dispute in Thailand.
  • Represented an American manufacturing conglomerate in four litigation matters related to power generation equipment (claims total USD 12,000,000).
  • Obtained a favorable judgment for the Thai affiliate of a leading animal health company in a case filed against a group of former executives who left to work for our client’s chief competitor. We secured this successful result even though there is still debate among Thai legal scholars as to whether noncompetition clauses are fair to employees.
  • Advised and assisted a global commodities trader in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards from the International Cotton Association in several disputes with Vietnamese textile companies over breaches of sales contracts for cotton.
  • Defended a leading global logistics company in three separate criminal actions brought by the Thai Customs Department with potential fines in excess of USD 15,000,000. After a defense put forth at the prosecutorial review stage, the Public Prosecutor issued non-prosecution orders in favor of our client. These orders have since been confirmed and this case is final.
  • Represented a well-known Japanese manufacturer in the prosecution of both civil and criminal matters related to use of confidential trade secret and theft of client property. Our client reached a favorable settlement in the civil claims. In the criminal matter, we worked with the police and the public prosecutor and successfully secured sufficient evidence to support prosecution of the criminal claims.
  • Represented an international investment banking and asset management company in recovering funds provided to a Thai property developer (claims total USD 15,000,000).
  • Acted as co-counsel for Thai and Cambodian clients against an Australian listed company in SIAC arbitration concerning joint-venture disputes with a claim amount of approximately USD 350 million in relation to a well-known casino in Poipet, Cambodia.
  • Protected the right of a charitable foundation to a newly-constructed center for disabled persons and preserved all of the benefits that flowed from the center to the community and needy persons. The foundation purchased a plot of land and constructed a center on the land to benefit disabled persons. Before the transfer of the property, but after the building was completed, the land was attached by a judgment creditor. The court of first instance and the appellate court declined to release the land. With little hope of success, the foundation came to our firm. We convinced the Supreme Court that the land should be released because the foundation had a preferential right. The land and the center for the disabled was returned to the foundation.
  • Represented a client in a criminal matter regarding forgery. We presented our client’s position and related facts to various governmental authorities. At the end of the government’s investigation, the public prosecutor declined to prosecute our client.
  • Managed a complex estate matter spanning over three years and involving assets of over THB 20,000,000. We were able to appoint the executor of the estate, transfer and liquidate all assets, and satisfy the claims of both local and international creditors to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.
  • Represented a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing, and laser marking products and won a precedent-setting victory in which the court awarded record attorney’s fees to the plaintiff. Managing Intellectual Property  magazine selected the victory as its Case of the Year for Southeast Asia in 2014.