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July 28, 2023

Myanmar Requires Registration of Online Retail Businesses

Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) issued three notifications related to e-commerce on July 21, 2023, classifying online retail businesses as essential services, requiring them to register with the relevant authorities, and setting the criteria for their registration.

Under Notification No. 49/2023 the MOC authorized the Department of Trade (DOT) to issue notifications, orders, and directives relating to online retail businesses.

This was followed by Notification No. 50/2023, which classifies online retail businesses as essential services under the Essential Supplies and Services Law and requires them to register with the DOT within six months of the issuance of the notification (i.e., by January 21, 2024). Failure to register within the specified period will be punishable by imprisonment for six months to three years and a fine of up to MMK 500,000 (approx. USD 238).

Finally, under Notification No. 51/2023, the MOC set out the criteria and requirements for the registration of online retail businesses by entities, business institutions, and individuals, as well as the duties and liabilities of sellers and consumers.

Pursuant to this notification, registration should be completed via the DOT’s online system, fees must be paid digitally, and electronic registration certificates will be issued. Certificates are initially valid for two years, and can be renewed. The MOC will provide information at a later time on the prescribed forms, certificate format, registration and online fees, and online registration portal.

In applying for registration, an entity or business institution established under the Myanmar Companies Law, Special Company Act, Co-operative Society Law, or any other existing Myanmar laws must have a website with its own domain name or an online channel with an exact address that is used for online sales and a registered business address within Myanmar. Individual applicants must be at least 18 years old, reside in Myanmar, and provide a business operating address within the territory of Myanmar.

Sellers must disclose which items they sell on the registration system; these can be amended post-certification. Applicants must have any necessary relevant government licenses/permits for the items.

To verify the business operating address, the DOT will conduct an onsite visit before issuing a registration certificate. The DOT can refuse issuance if the business fails to meet the criteria prescribed in the notifications. If an application is rejected, the applicant may amend and resubmit it within 30 days. If a certificate holder does not comply with its duties and liabilities, the DOT can suspend or revoke the certificate.

[Update September 29, 2023:

The MOC is accepting applications to register online retail businesses from October 2, 2023, through its online registration platform. Applicants need to provide their name and logo along with recommendation letters from both the ward administration office and the police station of the township where the business address is.

There is no registration fee for registering by the end of December 2023; however, the application fee, inclusive of online transaction fees, is MMK 3,900 (approx. USD 1.8). The registration fee is not yet specified. For further details, please see our article about Myanmar’s guidelines for e-commerce businesses.  

After six months from the issuance of Notification 50/2023, the MOC will take action against unregistered e-commerce businesses in accordance with the Essential Supplies and Services Law.]

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