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October 5, 2023

Asia IP: Thomas Treutler Quoted on AI’s Impact on IP Enforcement

Asia IP

Thomas J. Treutler, partner and managing director of Tilleke & Gibbins’ Vietnam offices, was interviewed for an Asia IP article on the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm intellectual property enforcement. The provocatively titled “Will AI bring the death of IP enforcement work?” explores the impact of AI in the IP space, and the delicate balance between helping and replacing IP professionals.

In the article, Thomas is quoted as saying that “AI-powered algorithms can be trained to detect and monitor IP infringements more rapidly than a single human can, as they are able to analyze vast amounts of data on online platforms, social media and ecommerce marketplaces. This can preliminarily help rights owners and IP agents in data scraping to identify potential targets.”

However, he further explained, “taking legal action requires human actions; for example, filing a complaint with the police or handling litigation proceedings in court. Therefore, it will not replace IP professionals in enforcement actions.”

The full article can be read at the Asia IP website.

Asia IP  is a publication of the Apex Asia Media Group, an independent publisher based in Hong Kong. The magazine aims to provide informed analysis of IP–related issues for Asian and international law firms.