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July 30, 2020

Regional Guide to Cybersecurity and Data Protection in Mainland Southeast Asia

The need for privacy and security has grown in tandem with the rapid proliferation of internet-enabled technologies. This is a major concern for consumers and individuals, and governments are increasingly mindful of online threats to their national security and their citizens. All of this represents an imposing challenge for companies—especially now that technology has enabled them to operate with relative ease across jurisdictions throughout the world.

Written by lawyers from Tilleke & Gibbins’ offices, the Regional Guide to Cybersecurity and Data Protection in Mainland Southeast Asia  aims to address these challenges for businesses operating in mainland Southeast Asia. It provides an overview of cybersecurity legislation and regulationsin Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as information on the legal environment for data privacy and data protection in these countries.

For each country, the guide discusses the main laws, instruments, and authorities regulating cybersecurity and data protection in each country. The country sections lay out what types of activities are prohibited or permitted, the liability and penalties for engaging in or allowing certain activities, and some strategic concerns for businesses seeking to comply with the cybersecurity and data protection laws in mainland Southeast Asia.

The full guide can be accessed as a PDF through the button below.