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March 2, 2018 Interviews Tilleke & Gibbins Regulatory Affairs Team

William Reed Business Media

The Tilleke & Gibbins Regulatory Affairs Team was recently interviewed by the website for an article on “Thai Trans Fats Ban Draft Notification Now Being Finalized,” which examines plans to introduce legislation that would ban hydrogenated oils, including trans fats, in the majority of products produced in Thailand. The article explores the widespread implications of the proposed ban on the entire food and beverage industry in the country.

Alan Adcock, partner and deputy director of intellectual property at Tilleke & Gibbins, said, “The ban of partially hydrogenated oil in foods will impact the food industry from upstream to downstream.”

Siradapat Ratanakorn, regulatory affairs consultant at the firm, said, “Whoever produces, imports, or sells impure food will be subject to imprisonment of not more than two years, or a fine of not more than 20,000 baht, or both, under the Food Act.”

Dr. Atthachai Homhuan, regulatory affairs manager at Tilleke & Gibbins, concluded that the expected financial impacts on the Thai food industry would cover both domestic and export markets, as hydrogenated oils would still be allowed in exported foods.

The Tilleke & Gibbins Regulatory Affairs team views that the new law could benefit suppliers of other types of oils or alternatives, especially palm oil, with Thailand being the world’s third-largest palm oil producer, behind Indonesia and Malaysia. publishes regular online news articles on innovations in regulation, scientific research, and new ingredient development in Asia-Pacific, and is operated by William Reed Business Media, a leading British business magazine and digital media company. If you would like to read the full article, please visit