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May 25, 2015

David Lawrence and Sasirusm (Roll) B. Chunhakasikarn Interviewed on Workplace Misconduct by BK Magazine

BK Magazine

As part of a report that marks seven years since the Labor Protection Act recognized sexual harassment as a distinct form of workplace misconduct, David Lawrence, consultant, and Sasirusm Chunhakasikarn, attorney-at-law, in Tilleke & Gibbins’ dispute resolution department, were interviewed by BK Magazine  for an article named, “Creeps at Work: Sexual Harassment in Bangkok’s Biggest Corporate Offices.”

In the report, David, speaking to the frequency of sexual harassment allegations, says, “we see allegations arise two or three times a month, but we rarely, if ever, litigate them.” Continuing, he says, “there is a common interest for all parties to handle it without the allegations going to court: the employer wants to keep it quiet; the employee who is harassed wants to keep it quiet; and the perpetrator wants to keep it quiet.” Cases, therefore, tend to get settled out of court.

Sasirusm, speaking on allegations of sexual harassment made against the highest level of management or an owner of a company, says, “if a case is against someone on a senior level, the only way to raise this problem is to go to the court. If an employee goes to their human resources department, there is no guarantee as to what they can do for them.”

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