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October 15, 2019

The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2020 – Cambodia Chapter

The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review

Cambodia’s steady, robust economic growth continues to draw foreign direct investment (FDI), in addition to increasing the purchasing power of the country’s population. The economy is diversifying as well, with investment expanding significantly beyond the garment industry and tourism sector. Both industry and construction are two sectors poised to make big gains in the coming year, and the economy as a whole is expected to maintain its impressive growth rate of approximately 7 percent.

The Cambodian government is encouraging growth by working to maintain an open and fair market, implementing clear taxation procedures, and ensuring a level playing field between local and foreign business. The approach is paying dividends as more businesses seek to establish or expand their activities in the country. These economic opportunities, however, come with risks. Corruption remains a serious issue, and companies need to comply with local and foreign anti-corruption regulations in order to avoid serious repercussions.

David Mol, an advisor in Tilleke & Gibbins’ Phnom Penh office, examines the complexities of operating within this business environment in the Cambodia chapter of Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2020, a guide to the important issues in internal and government investigations across the Asia-Pacific, published by Global Investigations Review.

The Cambodia chapter of the guide covers anti-corruption laws, compliance and regulations, private corruption, corporate liability, whistleblowing, and foreign corruption statutes, as well as providing some important context for the operation of this legal framework.

The chapter, extracted from the 2020 edition of Asia-Pacific Investigations Review, is available as a PDF below. The whole publication is available at the Global Investigations Review website.

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