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November 5, 2015

The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2016 – Thailand Chapter

Global Investigations Review

The first edition of The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2016, a multijurisdictional guide to the law and practice of international investigations, has been published by Global Investigations Review. The Thailand chapter of the guide, written by Tilleke & Gibbins consultant Michael Ramirez, provides an overview of investigations and anti-corruption compliance. In particular, the Thailand chapter covers the following topics, among others:

  • Domestic Law: Thai Penal Code, Offense of State Organization Staff Act, Organic Act on Counter Corruption, Rules of the Office of the Civil Service Commission on the Code of Ethics for Civil Servants, the Code of Moral and Ethics of Policies, and the Notification of the Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission Concerning the Provisions of the Acceptance of Property or Any Other Benefits on Ethical Basis by State Official
  • Acceptance of Gifts by State Officials: Rules on gifts with values above and below THB 3,000
  • Annual Requirements: Annual requirements for private limited companies to prepare financial statements, have them audited by an auditor, and submitted to shareholders for approval within four months from the date specified in the financial statements
  • International Law and Extraterritorial Effect: Status of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention in Thailand
  • Interacting with Overseas Regulators: Effect of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
  • Enforcement of Bribery Laws: Functions of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, and the Office of the Attorney General of Thailand
  • Obligations to Whistleblow: Obligations on prescribed persons to report suspicious transactions, cash transactions exceeding THB 2 million, and other transactions exceeding THB 5 million in asset value.
  • Impact of Overseas Anti-Corruption Laws: FCPA and U.K. Bribery Act