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April 10, 2012

Tilleke & Gibbins and AmCham Hanoi to Hold World IP Day Seminar on April 24

American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi

Counterfeiting is a severe danger to brands in emerging markets, damaging not only revenues but also the brand promise that underpins the profitability of most global firms. Counterfeiters have extended their reach to virtually every kind of product, from pharmaceuticals and IT products to music, software, and fast-moving consumer goods. While some companies have been aggressive in battling counterfeits, progress has been uneven, sporadic, and easily reversible. Enforcement actions rarely contain the danger for long, while even sophisticated anti-counterfeiting authentication and packaging technologies have been replicated. In addition, brand owners are faced with the challenge of raising customer vigilance against counterfeits without dealing a body blow to their brand credibility.

To coincide with World Intellectual Property Day, Tilleke & Gibbins is partnering with the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi to present a special seminar on the problem of counterfeit goods and issues in IPR enforcement in Vietnam on April 24 at the Press Club. This special seminar will feature a presentation by Dr. Pham Hong Quat, Deputy Chief of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Quat is in charge of IPR enforcement throughout Vietnam and is considered a top expert in this field in Vietnam.

During the seminar, Dr. Quat will discuss the current challenges in IPR enforcement and steps to help Vietnam improve in this area. The seminar will also feature briefings by IP lawyers on timely subjects such as the new domain name dispute regulations. We will discuss the latest trends in the phenomenon and in brand owners’ anti-counterfeiting programs, plus the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to enforcement. Participatns will gain an understanding of the vulnerability of products to counterfeiting as well as ideas on how to measure and combat the problem in Vietnam.

Guests will also have the opportunity compare some genuine goods with counterfeit goods brought in from the famous Tilleke & Gibbins Museum of Counterfeit Goods in Bangkok. Don’t miss this opportunity to lunch-and-learn with Tilleke & Gibbins and AmCham about a key business issue in Vietnam. To register for the event, please visit the AmCham Hanoi website.