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March 5, 2021

Thailand Introduces Fast-Track Trademark Renewal

On March 1, 2021, the renewal process for qualifying trademarks in Thailand got significantly faster, with the examination of applications and grant of a certificate of renewal now able to be completed within 45 minutes of a renewal application being filed. The expedited process incurs no additional official fee.

To benefit from this, applications must comply with all of the fast-track conditions specified in the recent notification from the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP):

  1. The total number of goods or services must not exceed 30 items.
  2. No changes may have been made to the particulars of the registration.
  3. The application must be filed at the DIP by either the owner or an appointed attorney. In the latter case, the power of attorney must authorize the attorney to collect the certificate on the owner’s behalf.
  4. Fast-track examination must be requested when the renewal application is submitted.

Tilleke & Gibbins has already submitted a test case with the DIP and can confirm that, when the above conditions are met, the DIP can complete and issue a certificate of renewal within 45 minutes of submitting the renewal application.

This is a very positive step for the DIP which continues to become increasingly brand-owner friendly and business-oriented. It will also enable smoother and more seamless trademark-related transactions, such as trademark assignments and recordals of change of name or address, which can be complicated when attempted while a renewal is pending.

For more details on this development, or on any aspect of securing intellectual property rights in Thailand, please contact Tilleke & Gibbins at [email protected].

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