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May 28, 2012

PLC Life Sciences Multi-Jurisdictional Guide 2012 – Thailand Chapter

Practical Law Company

With the tightening of budgets and increased scrutiny by the FDA, this article delves into the practicability of Thailand’s regulatory framework governing the life sciences industry. Ranging from the quality of national healthcare, manufacturing authorization, marketing, and pricing of medicinal products, to the intellectual property surrounding each product and the scope of product liability law in this industry, this Q&A chapter provides a detailed overview of the effect of key legislation and the power of regulatory authorities. In particular, the chapter covers:

  • Pricing Structure: Costs and state funding of medicinal products and national healthcare
  • Manufacturing: Authorization, conditions, fees, and validity of licenses
  • Marketing: Fees, conditions, authorization, packaging requirements, foreign marketing authorizations, and restrictions such as marketing on the internet
  • Traditional Medicine: Manufacturing and marketing regulations
  • Patent Law: Conditions, patentable products, scope of protection, validity, revocation, infringement, and remedies available
  • Trademark Law: Conditions, scope of protection, validity, revocation, infringement, remedies available, and relevant international conventions
  • Product Liability Law: Key legislation, the substantive test, procedures of bringing a claim, defenses available, and remedies available under the Unsafe Goods Liability Act
  • Proposals for Reform: The Trademark Bill, multiple-class applications, government fees, and a Drug Bill

This chapter was published by Practical Law Company, a leading provider of legal guidance, analysis, and market intelligence in up to 30 jurisdictions.

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