March 1, 2016

International Franchising (Second Edition, Release 4) – Vietnam Chapter

Center for International Legal Studies (Juris Publishing)

Lawyers at Tilleke & Gibbins have contributed the Vietnam chapter to International Franchising, Second Edition (Release 4, 2015), a guide to franchising law and practice in 36 countries worldwide. The Vietnam chapter provides an overview of the following main subjects:

  • Legal Framework: Qualifications, franchisors, franchisees, procedures, disclosure of information, agreements, competition law, pricing, compliance with operational manuals, restraint of trade clauses, renewal, assignment, termination, and business restrictions
  • Intellectual Property: Trademark registration, license agreements, and enforcement
  • Taxation: Corporate income tax and foreign contractor tax
  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, courts, jurisdiction, and administrative sanctions
  • Alternatives to Franchising: Distribution agreements and technology transfer

International Franchising  is published by Juris Publishing and edited by the Center for International Legal Studies, an Austrian-based nonprofit institute that promotes the dissemination of information among members of the international legal community.