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June 25, 2024

Intellectual Property in Cambodia

Attorneys from Tilleke & Gibbins’ office in Phnom Penh have prepared Intellectual Property in Cambodia, a comprehensive resource for understanding, protecting, and commercializing intellectual property (IP) in the country. This guide provides detailed information on various aspects of IP rights, including:

  • Trademarks: Procedures and requirements for registration, maintenance, and enforcement.
  • Patents: Information on obtaining patent protection, including the application process and legal requirements.
  • Industrial designs: Steps for registering and protecting design innovations.
  • Utility models: Guidelines for securing protection for new technical solutions.
  • Copyrights: Details on copyright protection, registration, and enforcement.
  • Geographical indications: Information on protecting products with specific geographical origins.

The guide is designed to offer practical insights into the registration processes, legal frameworks, and enforcement mechanisms relevant to IP in Cambodia. It aims to serve as a valuable tool for businesses, legal practitioners, and individuals involved in the creation and protection of intellectual property.

For more details, access the full Intellectual Property in Cambodia guide by clicking the button below.

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