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December 6, 2013

Directors’ Handbook: What You Need to Know as a Company Director in Thailand

Tilleke & Gibbins and AIG

Directors and officers of both local and multinational companies in Thailand are subject to a complex array of legal duties and obligations. When things go wrong, company executives often find themselves named personally in civil suits, regulatory investigations, and criminal prosecutions, putting their assets and their livelihoods at risk. Gaining an understanding of the local legal and regulatory environment is therefore an essential step for any director or executive working in Thailand, and this short guide aims to answer some of the most common questions asked.

  1. What duties do I have as a company director in Thailand?
  2. Can I be sued?
  3. Can I be prosecuted for criminal offenses?
  4. Who can prosecute me?
  5. Can I be questioned and my home searched?
  6. How does the Thai court system work?
  7. Can I be liable for the company’s acts?
  8. What about bribery?
  9. Are there any special laws governing foreigners?
  10.  How do I protect myself?
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