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June 18, 2015

CNN Interviews Suebsiri Taweepon on Counterfeiting in Thailand


In an online article published by CNN titled “The Secret Lives of Thailand’s Counterfeiters,” Suebsiri Taweepon, an attorney-at-law in Tilleke & Gibbins’ intellectual property group, was interviewed for his views on the counterfeiting situation in Thailand.

Speaking on the scale of operations used to target counterfeiters, Suebsiri said, “I am working with top brands from all over the world, and every client asks us to go after the big fish, not the small player.” However, imported counterfeit goods are now more common, making the task difficult. Continuing, he said, “I think there are no actual top bosses in Thailand for making those products, because Thais are so good at producing clothing and it is quite easy to be produced as well.”

Another issue is the challenge posed by ex-licensees that continue producing goods. “This type of case could involve an ex-licensee, who got the license to produce the product under the brand owner’s license in the past, but once the license expired, they continued to produce the products,” Suebsiri said. “They have all the facilities, they have all the techniques, and they have all the materials.”

While many counterfeiters are deeply entrenched in the world of crime, many are just normal people looking to make a living. When asked about the secret life of an intellectual property infringer or counterfeiter, Suebsiri said: “there is no secret. It could be anyone.”

If you would like to read the full article, please visit the CNN website.