November 11, 2021
Webinar: Employment Law in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar

On November 10, Tilleke & Gibbins hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Australian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar to address current labor practices and core legal obligations across the region.

The webinar featured Dino Santaniello, head of Tilleke & Gibbins’ office in Laos; Jay Cohen, director of Tilleke & Gibbins’ Cambodia office; Sochanmalisphoung Vannavuth, an associate from Tilleke & Gibbins’ Cambodia office, and Yuwadee Thean-ngarm, director of Tilleke & Gibbins’ Myanmar office. The speakers provided a comprehensive overview of employment contracts and employment rights in their respective countries, outlined taxes and social security schemes, laid out termination policies, and addressed vaccine mandates and data privacy requirements that companies must comply with in each country. They also covered the latest regulations on immigration, work permits, visas, and special procedures during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A video recording of the webinar is available below.

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