April 22, 2021
Thailand Introduces Fast-Track Option for Trademark Examination

Following the successful launch of “fast-track renewals” in March 2021, Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) is continuing its efforts to better serve brand owners by launching the “First Action Fast Track” program.

The program expedites the issuance of a first office action for qualifying trademarks in Thailand to within six months from the date of filing the application, at no additional cost. The program was announced in a notification inked by the director general of the DIP on April 5, 2021, and made available to the public on April 16, 2021.

To benefit from this expedited process, applications must comply with all of the fast-track conditions specified in the DIP notification:

  • The total number of goods or services must not exceed 10 items.
  • The description of goods or services should follow the DIP’s suggested description manual (available at https://tmsearch.ipthailand.go.th/).
  • No amendment (such as recordal of name or address change), recordal of assignment or inheritance, or request to prove acquired distinctiveness through use is made on the application.

Though not stated in the notification, we suggest that applicants or representatives who wish to benefit from a Fast-Track examination explicitly indicate this on their application.

This new expedited practice is a positive, brand-friendly step from the DIP that is aligned with international benchmarks, and it has the potential to boost trademark-related activities in the country to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness.

For more details on this development, or on any aspect of securing intellectual property rights in Thailand, please contact Tilleke & Gibbins at [email protected].

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