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Sasirusm (Roll) B. Chunhakasikarn



Sasirusm (Roll) B. Chunhakasikarn is a top litigator specializing in complex family and commercial disputes. A versatile practitioner, Roll counts among her clients, multinational corporations, educational institutions, leading Thai companies, professional services firms, and individuals.

Roll provides ongoing labor and employment representation to leaders in the finance, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, logistics, construction, telecommunications, and education industries. When employment relationships deteriorate, clients call on Roll to represent their interests in negotiation, mediation, and in the courtroom. Widely regarded as an expert in employment law, Roll is a regular contributor to legal publications, a popular speaker at high-level seminars, and is often interviewed by members of the print and broadcast media.

In her family law practice, Roll focuses on disputes affecting today’s global family, including international divorce, international child abduction, division of assets located worldwide, and child custody disputes between parents residing in different countries. She has a high success record in mediating between divorcing parties to reach amicable settlements in respect of child custody, division of property, and support payments.

Roll is also member of the firm’s leading maritime practice, having won several high-profile maritime cases in Thailand’s Intellectual Property and International Trade Court and Thailand’s Supreme Court.

Roll’s strong skills as an advocate are augmented by her fluency in English. She obtained her law degree from Chulalongkorn University, and later completed the LLM program at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She received her lawyer’s license in 1994.


  • Representing a British/Hong Kong national husband in a divorce and complex marital asset division case in Thailand, and advising and coordinating with the client’s Hong Kong lawyer in a separate lawsuit in Hong Kong.
  • Prevailed in a labor dispute wherein a managerial-level employee claimed that he had been wrongfully terminated and sought severance and other monetary entitlements. Representing the employer, we proved that the employee had in fact resigned from the company.
  • Obtained a favorable judgment for the Thai affiliate of a leading animal health company in a case filed against a group of former executives who left to work for our client’s chief competitor. We secured this successful result even though there is still debate among Thai legal scholars as to whether noncompetition clauses are fair to employees.
  • Represented an Australian father in a contested family matter regarding the custody of his daughter. The mother of the child planned to move abroad with the daughter. We filed a case in Family Court seeking, on behalf of our client, sole legal custody of his daughter. After a successful mediation, the mother of the child granted sole legal custody to our client.
  • Assisted a client whose wife had abducted his daughter and wrongfully withheld assets valued at over USD 1,000,000. We successfully mediated this case, which involved both family and criminal matters. The parties agreed to a divorce and the daughter was returned to our client.
  • Represented the wife in a divorce case. After long settlement negotiations with the husband, we reached a compromise agreement supervised by the court and avoided trial of this sensitive matter.
  • Successfully resolved, on confidential terms, a high-profile lawsuit brought by long-term employees against a professional services firm.
  • Represented a foreigner in a child legitimization battle and advised on strategy in multiple appeals in Thailand and in a separate lawsuit in the U.S.
  • Assessed the strength of unfair termination claims for scenarios involving corporate reduction in profit and for cases involving employees’ violations of work rules and contract terms.
  • Successfully defended one of the world’s leading liner companies against multiple cargo claims brought in Thailand’s Intellectual Property and International Trade Court.
  • Represented a subsidiary of a global multimodal transportation provider in a case worth THB 24,000,000. Secured emergency relief in Thailand’s Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, allowing the client to remove the cargo from its vessel.
  • Secured a victory in Thailand’s Supreme Court on behalf of an ocean common carrier for damage to a vessel due to defective product packaging.
  • Successfully negotiated the terms of and concluded a high-profile international divorce, while ensuring confidentiality despite elevated media interest in the divorcing parties.
  • Successfully represented a foreign husband in a highly contested divorce proceeding involving child custody and allegations of child abuse by the Thai mother.
  • Represented an American father to successfully regain custody of his child who was abducted to Thailand in violation of a U.S. child custody order.
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    LLM, Howard University School of Law

    LLB, Chulalongkorn University


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