March 25, 2024
Fashion Law 2024 – Thailand

Tilleke & Gibbins has provided an updated Thailand chapter for Fashion Law 2024 from Global Legal Post.

The guide covers 20 key jurisdictions in the global fashion industry, offering insights into local legal frameworks surrounding issues such as brand enforcement and protection, e-commerce and marketing, and sustainability considerations.

The Thailand chapter of Fashion Law 2024 provides detailed information on the following topics:

  • Main intellectual property rights for fashion products
  • Contractual arrangements in manufacturing, distribution, and advertising
  • Regulations and enforcement of online marketing
  • Unfair competition rules and judicial interpretation
  • Specific regulations on sustainability and ESG in fashion
  • Special import and export rules for fashion products

The full Thailand chapter is available for free through the button below and on the Global Legal Post website. Tilleke & Gibbins also contributed the Vietnam chapter to the guide.

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