July 7, 2023
Employment Law Basics in Southeast Asia

Tilleke & Gibbins is pleased to announce the release of Employment Law Basics in Southeast Asia. This publication serves as an indispensable resource for businesses navigating the complex landscape of employment law in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Authored by Tilleke & Gibbins’ regional team of employment law specialists, the guide provides a detailed overview of key employment law topics essential for businesses operating or planning to expand their operations in Southeast Asia. From employment contracts to termination procedures, each topic is examined in depth to ensure businesses are well-equipped to comply with local regulations and protect their interests.

Key topics covered in the guide include:

  • Employment contracts
  • Probationary period
  • Minimum wage
  • Social security and statutory payments
  • Working hours
  • Leave and holidays
  • Work rules
  • Termination
  • Foreign employees
  • Data protection
  • Remote work
  • AI and automation

Our guide offers multinational corporations establishing a presence in the region and local enterprises alike practical insights and actionable advice tailored to the unique regulatory environments in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

To access the full guide, please download the PDF below.