January 10, 2024
Cambodia: All Solar Power Systems Must be Reported

On December 15, 2023, the Electricity Authority of Cambodia (EAC) issued a notification requiring all owners of solar power systems to report their systems to their local electricity supplier by January 31, 2024. Systems that have already been reported under existing regulations are exempt from this requirement.

Systems that remain unreported after the deadline will be deemed illegal and subject to penalties, including possible disconnection from the national grid.

The rationale for the reporting requirement is that the EAC expects to adopt a new solar power regulation soon. Electricite du Cambodge (the main state-owned utility provider in Cambodia) and EAC-licensed private electricity providers are now gathering data on the current use of solar power systems in order to prepare for, adopt, and execute the upcoming regulation. The reporting requirement is to facilitate this gathering of data.

The upcoming regulation, planned for early 2024 according to the notification, follows last year’s Prakas No. 159, which contained the Ministry of Mines and Energy’s guidelines and principles for rooftop solar systems. The EAC now needs to issue implementing regulations that are in line with the ministry’s guidelines and principles.

Although stand-alone solar power systems that did not have a connection to the national grid were previously not regulated and did not require any authorizations, the EAC is now stating that all types of solar power systems need to adhere to the reporting requirement under the notification. According to the EAC, the upcoming regulation will address all types of systems, and the December 15 notification clearly announces that all types of solar power systems will need to obtain EAC approval under the upcoming regulation.

Solar power system operators in Cambodia should report their systems to their local electricity providers by January 31, 2024, to avoid any penalties, while remaining vigilant for the upcoming regulation, which will likely include a requirement to obtain EAC authorization for any solar power systems.

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