August 3, 2022
Thawat Damsa-ard to Address New Law Students at Thammasat University Lampang Campus

On August 6, Thawat Damsa-ard, a partner in Tilleke & Gibbins’ dispute resolution department, will give a speech to incoming law students at Thammasat University Lampang Campus in northern Thailand.

Thawat’s address will be part of the orientation activities for new students in the university’s Faculty of Law. Thawat will discuss important concepts such as legal philosophy and thought at the intersection of law, language, and human behavior. He will also complement the theoretical and academic side of his talk with insights and anecdotes from his broad experience preparing cases, serving clients, and litigating in the courtroom.

Thawat is widely recognized for his successful record as a litigator and is a sought-after speaker and panelist on issues surrounding litigation and legal ethics in Thailand. He is a strong supporter of legal education and frequently shares his insights and professional observations with students and new lawyers.

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