February 22, 2022
Energy Law in Southeast Asia

The many new and unique challenges in recent years—from epidemics, to travel restrictions, to supply chain disruptions and energy-related reactions to all of the above, we have all had to adjust to a new status quo. The energy industry has felt these impacts acutely, and as the industry seeks to meet the current challenges and move forward toward a more sustainable future, it is helpful to take stock of where things stand and where they might be headed in the coming years.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Energy Law in Southeast Asia by the Tilleke & Gibbins Energy Industry Team seeks to provide clarity on the legal and regulatory environment surrounding energy industry activities.

Each chapter of Energy Law in Southeast Asia takes the reader through the essential information surrounding energy and environmental regulations in general and the specific laws and practices for the major areas of energy projects—both in terms of the current energy mix and the sources taking on a larger role as we transition toward a lower-carbon future. These chapter subsections are:

  • Regulatory Structure
  • Oil and Gas
  • Coal
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass and Biogas
  • Environmental Regulations

In providing this legal overview of major areas across the spectrum of energy projects in Southeast Asia, we have sought to create a resource for all involved in the energy industry, regardless of their specific area of interest or the different obstacles or challenges they seek to resolve.

Energy Law in Southeast Asia is written by specialists on Tilleke & Gibbins’ Energy Industry Team, who together have over 200 years of accumulated energy experience. Spread throughout Tilleke & Gibbins’ offices in Southeast Asia, they function both as an integrated regional team to advise multinational enterprises on their regional energy project portfolios, and as experts for investors and companies looking to focus their activities on a single country.

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