October 26, 2021
Parallel Import Enforcement in Southeast Asia

Parallel imports—branded goods imported into a domestic market and sold there without the consent of the intellectual property (IP) owner—pose a unique challenge for IP owners. In contrast to counterfeit goods, parallel imported goods are manufactured by or under the license of the IP owner and formulated or packaged for a particular jurisdiction and then imported into a different jurisdiction without the authorization of the IP owner.

Intellectual property laws and perspectives on parallel import vary throughout Southeast Asia. The distinct legal landscape in each nation should be carefully navigated in consultation with legal experts to ensure brand protection to the fullest degree.

This guide provides insight into the legal frameworks relating to parallel imports in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each section examines the relevant laws and regulations that pertain to parallel imports and explores the remedies available to IP owners in each country. Finally, the guide presents some strategies to combat parallel importation and maximize IP protection in Southeast Asia.

The full guide can be downloaded through the button below.


This guide was prepared with the assistance of Tilleke & Gibbins interns Christian Pederson and Keoni Williams.

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