August 23, 2021
How Businesses Can Survive Vietnam’s Prolonged Lockdown

The streets are empty, and the quiet blowing of the wind is undisturbed even by the sound of a footstep. Despite having a population estimated at 13 million people, not a human voice or the rumble of a car motor can be heard in Ho Chi Minh City. The bustling metropolis has been transformed into a quiet country town. While this silence is in many ways beautiful, it is also heart-rending. It signifies the cessation of business and trade which has resulted in the closure of once thriving businesses that supported the local economy.

The city has been largely locked down since mid-June 2021, in an effort to fight the challenging fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the lockdown continues into its third month, with no sign of ending, many businesses are forced to cut costs to ensure their survival.

In the article linked below, we explore the various options available to employers to cut labor costs, as well as government relief measures to support both workers and employers.

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