July 20, 2021
Jay Cohen Provides Comments on Cambodia’s New Law on Investment

Jay Cohen, partner and director of Tilleke & Gibbins in Cambodia, is quoted in a recent Cambodia Investment Review article on the country’s amended Law on Investment. As the article explains, this new law, which replaces an earlier investment law passed in 1994, was approved in a recent meeting of the Council of the Ministers and offers a number of promising incentives, and streamlining some current procedures associated with establishing and operating a business in Cambodia.

In the article, Jay notes that the new Law on Investment expands the number of industries eligible to seek investment incentives. He also discusses the law’s tax incentives, explaining that the key to understanding their effect is knowing how they function with other tax regulations in the country. For instance, the profit tax exemption could be largely negated by existing regulations if that profit is paid out in dividends, so this means that the full benefit of the exemption can only be received if the profits are kept in the business itself.

Cambodia Investment Review is a local English-language news outlet reporting on issues related to investment in Cambodia, with articles intended for both local and international readers. The full article is available on the publication’s website.

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