March 4, 2021
Yuwadee Thean-ngarm Moderates Discussion on Situation in Myanmar

On February 26, 2021, Yuwadee Thean-ngarm was the moderator for a finance- and technology-focused online discussion on the current situation in Myanmar, organized by the Thai Business Association (TBAM).

She was joined by three distinguished panelists: Chana Sindhvananda, minister counsellor from the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon; Nuttaphong Visitkitchakarn, chief representative from Kasikornbank PCL’s Yangon office; and Passakorn Hongsyok, general manager of Myanmar Information Highway Ltd. Together, they discussed how banking and finance operations, technology and social media usage, and Thai citizens’ daily lives are faring during the current political turmoil in the country.

The Thai-language event, which was streamed live on Facebook, provided valuable practical business insights that have been difficult to find amid the intense interest and speculation on political developments since the military took power in February 2021. The speakers’ insights included detailed information on how banking activities are functioning during this time, the various government orders causing fluctuations in the availability of internet and social media services, and how the Thai government is caring for its citizens in Myanmar and keeping abreast of the situation.

The recording of the discussion is available on the TBAM website.

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