July 16, 2020
Global Patent Litigation 2020 – Thailand Chapter
Kluwer Law International

The 2020 update of Kluwer Law International’s Global Patent Litigation  provides a comprehensive overview of patent law and litigation in jurisdictions around the world. It covers how a patentee can enforce a patent and what pitfalls and remedies exist so that parties can make informed decisions about their litigation strategies.

The Thailand chapter of the guide, written by partner Nandana Indananda and attorney-at-law Piyawat Kayasit, both from Tilleke & Gibbins’ intellectual property department, covers a number of critical areas including the following:

  • Applicable laws – especially the Patent Act and its amendments and implementation;
  • Entitlement – covering compensation, derivation, applicant eligibility, entitlement claims, and related issues;
  • Scope of protection applied to patents – including matters of claims and interpretations, amendment of granted patents, equivalents, prosecution, and other similar topics;
  • Infringement – including both direct and indirect infringement, competition and antitrust issues, and unjustified threats;
  • Further defenses to infringement – touching on invalidity, exhaustion of rights, and various exemptions, exceptions, and fair use cases;
  • Licensing – both voluntary and compulsory;
  • Patents as part of assets – covering assignment, co-ownership, surrender, security rights, and attachment; and
  • Patent litigation – the longest section of the chapter, covering every aspect of the litigation process, parties, and contingencies.

Also included is a quick reference table that highlights the key points to be aware of at each stage of the litigation process.

To read the Thailand chapter of Global Patent Litigation, please download the PDF via the button below.

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