May 18, 2020
Noppramart Thammateeradaycho Presents Webinar on Force Majeure under COVID-19

On May 14, Noppramart Thammateeradaycho, counsel in Tilleke & Gibbins’ dispute resolution practice, will present on the issue of COVID-19 as force majeure from the perspective of contractual performance. Titled “The Impact of COVID-19 as Force Majeure on Commercial Contracts,” the presentation will be the sixth installment of the ongoing COVID-19 webinar series organized jointly by Tilleke & Gibbins and the Thai Listed Companies Association (TLCA).

In her online session, Noppramart will discuss the legal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the contractual obligations of parties under Thai law, outline strategic planning objectives, and explain how to deal with situations in which contractual obligations become difficult or even impossible to perform. The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session, during which K. Noppramart will respond to questions or scenarios raised by attendees.

The Tilleke & Gibbins and TLCA webinar series is an initiative designed to help Thai companies navigate the disruption caused by the outbreak. Noppramart’s webinar is expected to draw nearly 300 attendees from both multinational and local companies in Thailand. 

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