March 9, 2020
Tilleke & Gibbins Becomes First Firm in Thailand to Sign Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Tilleke & Gibbins is proud to announce that the firm has become a signatory to the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Charter—a global agreement between leading law firms and in-house counsel to address and resolve the root causes of inequality in the workplace. Notably, Tilleke & Gibbins is the first law firm in Thailand to have signed the charter.

By signing the charter, Tilleke & Gibbins has doubled down on its commitment to break down biases and promote diversity, inclusion, and meritocracy in legal practice around the globe by strengthening the firm’s culture of D&I in the workplace; implementing D&I policies from top to bottom; and recruiting diverse talent; among other things. As part of this commitment, the firm has also appointed co-managing partner, Tiziana Sucharitkul, to champion D&I within Tilleke & Gibbins.

Following the successful onboarding of the firm’s flagship Bangkok office, Tilleke & Gibbins plans to also sign the charter from our offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

For more information on the charter, please visit the Chambers D&I website