October 15, 2019
The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2020 – Thailand Chapter
The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review

Successive Thai governments have consistently emphasized the importance of improving Thailand’s standing as a foreign direct investment (FDI) destination, recognizing its significant impact on economic growth and stability, along with a host of other beneficial factors. This awareness, coupled with Thailand’s well-developed and modern legal framework, has persuaded many investors to identify Thailand as a business hub in Southeast Asia.

The influx of FDI, along with already substantial foreign investment projects, places on-the-ground investors in an environment in which many factors need to be considered by local, regional and global counsel. Foremost among these is the anti-corruption environment in which investors operate.

Michael Ramirez, a senior member of Tilleke & Gibbins’ dispute resolution team, addresses these considerations, and the broader context in which they sit, in the Thailand chapter of Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2020, a guide to the important issues in internal and government investigations across the Asia-Pacific, published by Global Investigations Review.

The Thailand chapter of the guide covers corruption and domestic anti-corruption legislation, international law and extraterritorial effect, enforcement of bribery laws, whistleblowing, and the impact overseas anti-corruption laws may have on the country.

The chapter, extracted from the 2020 edition of Asia-Pacific Investigations Review, is available as a PDF below. The whole publication is available at the Global Investigations Review website.

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