October 15, 2019
The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2020 – Laos Chapter
The Asia-Pacific Investigations Review

Situated strategically between Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, the small, landlocked country of Laos has strong potential to be a crossroads for foreign investment. While its more economically powerful neighbors attract the largest share of investment, the economic outlook of Laos is good and continues to grow at a steady and impressive clip—6.5 percent in 2018—with mining and natural resources leading the way. 

The government has given its full support to infrastructure projects aiming to make the country “land-linked” rather than simply landlocked. These projects, such as a massive railway expansion with a supporting network of roads and highways, have driven increased foreign investment, especially from China as well as Vietnam and Thailand. The government has also been encouraging investment by establishing an anti-corruption framework. Compliance with these measures is an important task for successful business operators in the country.

Dino Santaniello, a consultant in Tilleke & Gibbins’ Vientiane office, addresses these trends and more in the Laos chapter of Asia-Pacific Investigations Review 2020, a guide to the important issues in internal and government investigations across the Asia-Pacific, published by Global Investigations Review.

In particular, the Laos chapter covers the influx of foreign direct investment, the government’s anti-corruption plan, economic sectors on the rise, and possible infringements of the UK Bribery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The chapter, extracted from the 2020 edition of Asia-Pacific Investigations Review, is available as a PDF below. The whole publication is available at the Global Investigations Review website.

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