January 9, 2018
Practical Law Communications: Regulation and Outsourcing Global Guide 2018 – Thailand
Practical Law

Communications: Regulation and Outsourcing Global Guide – Thailand  provides a high-level overview of the issues and legal frameworks that regulate the communications industry and outsourcing of communications in 22 jurisdictions worldwide. The Thailand chapter of the guide, written by Tilleke & Gibbins, covers the following main topics:

  • The Telecommunications Market: Private mobile telecommunications, landline services, Internet and network infrastructure, and recent developments in the law
  • Restrictions on Foreign Ownership: Types of licenses not granted to foreign applicants and impact of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Notification on Prevention of Foreign Dominance
  • Regulatory Framework: Legislation and regulatory authorities, authorization and licenses, penalties for noncompliance, appeals, universal service obligations, and general conditions
  • Spectrum Use: Allocation, management, trading, and sublicensing of spectrum use
  • Infrastructure and Network Management: Erecting poles, laying ducts and cables, installing accessories for providing telecommunications services, access and interconnection, and data protection and security
  • Price Regulation: Regulation of prices and charges
  • Telephone Number and Subscriber Management: Allocation and management of telephone numbers, mandatory access to certain services, the right to number portability, consumer telecommunications contract regulations, restrictions on the use of voice over IP technology, and net neutrality
  • Outsourcing and Telecommunications: Regulations, trends, technology, and issues


This material was first published by Practical Law in the Communications: Regulation and Outsourcing Global Guide 2018, and is reproduced by agreement with the publisher.


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