February 27, 2017
PLC Agricultural Law Global Guide 2017 – Vietnam Chapter
Practical Law Company

The latest edition of Practical Law Company’s Agricultural Law Global Guide  was recently published, with the Vietnam chapter written by lawyers from Tilleke & Gibbins. The guide’s Q&A format provides a high-level overview of agricultural law in 24 different countries, including the following topics:

  • Agricultural Policy: International treaties and relevant legislation
  • Acquisition of Agricultural Companies: Limitations, necessary approvals, regulations on cooperatives, and competition law
  • Acquisition of Agricultural Land: Usage rights and ownership of agricultural land, expropriation of land, tax, and financing
  • Crop Seed Business: Regulations and authorities, import/export control, necessary approvals/licenses, and labeling requirements
  • Plant Variety Rights: Registration process, requirements for protection, extent of protection, farmer’s privilege, and legal actions available in event of infringement
  • Genetically Modified Crops: Domestic laws and policy, safety evaluations, pre-market approval, and GMO labeling requirements
  • Importing Animals and Gene Patents: Import/export control, patentability, and breeding restrictions
  • Agricultural Safety and Product Liability: Standards and liability

To read the Vietnam chapter, please visit the PLC website or click on the PDF below. Tilleke & Gibbins also contributed the Thailand chapter of this guide.

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