January 14, 2017
International Franchising (Second Edition, Release 5) – Thailand Chapter
Center for International Legal Studies (Juris Publishing)

Sriwan Puapondh, of counsel, and Alan Adcock, partner, of Tilleke & Gibbins have coauthored the Thailand chapter of International Franchising, Second Edition (Release 5, 2016), a guide providing analysis of franchising law and practice in 34 countries worldwide. The chapter covers the following principal subjects:

  • National Legislation: An overview of the Thai laws applicable to franchising (including the draft Franchising Business Act), as well as the importance of due diligence, and common drafting pitfalls for franchise agreements
  • Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Recordal: IP rights, confidentiality, and registration of license agreements
  • Trade Competition: Price fixing, exclusive suppliers, exclusive product lines, geographic exclusivity, and applicability to foreign franchisors
  • Franchisor Security: Liens, lease agreements, alien business law, non-compete clauses, securing guarantees, and trade secrets
  • Taxation: Income tax and value-added tax
  • Dispute Resolution: Litigation, mediation, and arbitration
  • Termination: Dealing with rogue ex-franchisees, determining when to terminate, agreement review in preparation for termination, avoiding interference with replacement product registration certificates and import licenses

International Franchising  is published by Juris Publishing and edited by the Center for International Legal Studies, an Austrian-based law research, training, and teaching institute that promotes and disseminates knowledge among members of the international legal community.


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