June 8, 2016
PLC Life Sciences Multi-Jurisdictional Guide 2016/17 – Thailand Chapter
Practical Law Company

PLC Life Sciences Multi-jurisdictional Guide 2016/17  is a Q&A-style guide which provides an overview of the regulatory frameworks of the life sciences industries across multiple jurisdictions worldwide. The Thailand chapter of the guide, contributed by Tilleke & Gibbins, covers Thailand’s relevant key legislation such as the Drug Act; the functions of regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of Public Health and the Thai Food and Drug Administration; the regulation of biologicals and combination products; medical devices and diagnostics; pricing, state funding, and reimbursement; clinical trials including authorizations, pre-conditions, procedural requirements, and consent; manufacturing medicinal products; marketing; data protection; packaging and labeling including information requirements; product liability; proposals for reform; intellectual property; and competition law issues.

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