January 20, 2016
PLC Employment and Employee Benefits Global Guide 2015/16 – Myanmar Chapter
Practical Law Company

The 2015/16 edition of Employment and Employee Benefits  gives an overview of employment and employee benefits law in 30 jurisdictions around the world. Nwe Oo, attorney-at-law, and Shalini Ghosh, consultant, in Tilleke & Gibbins’ Yangon office, coauthored the Myanmar chapter of the guide. The chapter provides high-level analyses of the following subjects, among other topics:

  • Scope of Employment Regulations: Laws applicable to foreign nationals and nationals working abroad
  • Employment Status: Categories of worker and time periods for which each category of worker can be engaged
  • Recruitment: Insurance under the Social Security Law; tax relief; filing requirements such as employers registering their employees with the Social Security Board and local tax authorities; and permission to work including sanctions, time frame, cost, and procedure for obtaining approval regarding visas
  • Regulation of the Employment Relationship: Written employment contracts and their conformance with Section 5(a) of the Employment and Skill Development Law; implied terms; collective agreements; and minimum wage
  • Restrictions on Working Time: Maximum working hours per week for employees of trading centers, service enterprises, entertainment houses, factories, oilfields, and mines; rest breaks; and shift workers
  • Holiday Entitlement: Minimum holiday entitlement and public holidays
  • Illness and Injury of Employees: Entitlement to time off, entitlement to paid time off, and recovery of sick pay from the state
  • Termination of Employment and Redundancy: Notice periods, severance payments, procedural requirements, protection, and collective redundancies

Employment and Employee Benefits  is published by Practical Law Company, a leading publishing company which provides legal know-how for business lawyers.

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