December 23, 2015
Asia Cargo News Interviews Michael Ramirez on Investing in Myanmar
Asia Cargo News

Michael Ramirez, a senior consultant at Tilleke & Gibbins, was interviewed by Asia Cargo News  for his views on the current and future investment environment in Myanmar.

Following Myanmar’s general election in November, Michael said, “the economy needs a government that can focus on further development of the country, with an emphasis on infrastructure and encouragement of FDI. It is similarly important that the new administration focus its attention on building and enhancing business relationships with other nations, including the West.”

Discussing the fears of uncertainty that pervaded Myanmar’s post-election political climate, Michael stated that these fears were not proportionate to the country’s actual political scenario. He said, “an economist from the Ministry of Commerce was prepared to acknowledge this,” and noted that he anticipated FDI to surge after the election, regardless of the outcome.

Concluding, Michael said, “assuming the expected transition goes smoothly, by the middle of 2016, we expect that there will begin to be more active participation by Western investors with continued investment initiatives from Myanmar’s regional neighbors.”

Asia Cargo News  is a newspaper that focuses on the management of logistics and cargo supply chains in the Asia Pacific region. If you would like to read the full article, please click on the link below.

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