December 29, 2014
Global Patent Litigation 2014 – Thailand Chapter

The latest edition of Global Patent Litigation, Supplement 23, 2014, has been published by Kluwer Law. The book provides a comprehensive, multijurisdictional overview of the main features of patent law and patent litigation, delving into how a patentee can enforce a patent and highlighting the possible pitfalls and remedies. The Thailand chapter, coauthored by Nandana Indananda and Nuttaphol Arammuang, partner and attorney-at-law respectively in the intellectual property group at Tilleke & Gibbins, examines the following main subjects in detail:

  • Applicable laws
  • Entitlement
  • Scope of Protection
  • Infringement
  • Further defenses of infringement
  • Licensing
  • Patents as parts of assets
  • Patent litigation

Kluwer Law is a provider of international legal information to the global business community. To read the Thailand chapter, please click on the PDF below.

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