May 5, 2014
Vietnam Pharma Update 2014
Tilleke & Gibbins

While Vietnam represents a huge potential market for foreign investors in the pharmaceutical industry, the sector is heavily regulated and clear guidelines are not always available. To guide pharmaceutical clients in setting up a business, marketing products, and protecting their drugs from infringement in Vietnam, Tilleke & Gibbins’ commercial and patent experts have created an informational leaflet including the following contents:

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing in Vietnam: Regulatory Restrictions and Permissible Activities: An overview of the forms of business and types of advertising/promotion that are permitted for foreign pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam.
  • Overview of Pharmaceutical Licensing in Vietnam: A comprehensive table covering the licenses pharmaceutical companies are required to secure in order to market and sell their products.
  • Enforcement of Patent Rights for Pharmaceuticals in Vietnam: A rundown of some steps pharmaceutical patent holders can take to protect their drugs from illegal knock-offs.
  • Accelerated Patent Examination in Vietnam for Pharmaceutical Patents: A look at recent trends in patent examination in the pharmaceutical sector.

To download the leaflet, please click on the PDF below.