April 9, 2014
PLC Life Sciences Multi-Jurisdictional Guide 2014 – Thailand Chapter
Practical Law Company

The latest edition of Practical Law Company’s Life Sciences Multi-jurisdictional Guide has been published. The guide, presented to readers in a Q&A format, provides country-specific analysis of the current regulatory framework surrounding the life sciences industry. The Thailand chapter of this guide, written by Tilleke & Gibbins, looks at the critical legal issues surrounding such topics as national healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, pricing, intellectual property, and product liability law, among others. The chapter covers the following main subjects:

  • Pricing Structure: Costs, state funding, and national healthcare.
  • Clinical Trials: Obtaining approval and procedural requirements during clinical trials.
  • Manufacturing: Authorization, conditions, fees, and validity of licenses.
  • Marketing: Fees, conditions, authorization, packaging requirements, foreign marketing authorizations, and restrictions.
  • Traditional Medicine: Licenses and compliance.
  • Patents: Conditions, patentable products, scope of protection, validity, revocation, infringement, and available remedies.
  • Trademarks: Conditions, scope of protection, validity, revocation, infringement, remedies available, and international conventions.
  • Competition Law: Framework, authorities, investigations, and recent activity.

Practical Law Company, a leading provider of legal resources, published this chapter.

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