September 12, 2013
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Patents 2014 – Thailand Chapter
Global Legal Group

The 4th edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Patents provides a practical cross-border insight into patent law, across 33 jurisdictions. Partner Nandana Indananda and attorney-at-law Nuttaphol Arammuang, of the Tilleke & Gibbins intellectual property team, have coauthored this year’s chapter on patent law in Thailand.

Presented in Q&A form, the chapter covers:

  • Patent Enforcement – How and before which tribunals patents can be enforced against an infringer, overview of the pre-trial procedural stages, differences between criminal proceedings and civil proceedings, and preceding events and circumstances that can and might occur (ranging from disclosure of evidence to invalidity of a patent)
  • Patent Amendment – Amending patents ex parte after grant and amending patents in inter partes revocation proceedings
  • Licensing – Laws limiting terms upon which parties may agree a patent license and compulsory licenses
  • Patent Term Extension – Ground and duration
  • Patent Prosecution and Opposition – Patentable subject matter, duty to disclose prejudicial prior disclosures or documents, third party opposition, appeals, disputes over entitlement to priority and ownership, grace periods, and terms
  • Border Control Measures – Mechanisms for seizing or preventing importation of infringing products
  • Antitrust Law and Inequitable Conduct – Preventing relief for patent infringement being granted and limitations on patent licensing
  • Current Developments

This article appeared in the 2014 edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Patents, published by Global Legal Group Ltd., London.

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