September 20, 2011
Faking It: The BigChilli Magazine Examines Counterfeit Goods in Thailand
The BigChilli

Despite concerted efforts by brand owners and law enforcement personnel, fake goods continue to be a significant problem in Thailand, according to an article in the August 2011 edition of The BigChilli magazine. Based on interviews with police officers and market surveys carried out by the magazine, author Maxmilian Wechsler found that counterfeiters are pushing ahead with producing and importing fake goods due to their high profit margins, ongoing consumer demand, and corruption.

To provide additional perspective on the issue, The BigChilli visited the Tilleke & Gibbins Museum of Counterfeit Goods and interviewed three members of the firm’s team: David Lyman, Chairman and Chief Values Officer; Titirat Wattanachewanopakorn, Attorney-at-Law; and James Evans, Consultant. The Tilleke & Gibbins attorneys gave a short history of counterfeiting in Thailand, explained the actions that are being taken to fight counterfeiting, and emphasized that close cooperation between brand owners and government officials is a key factor in a successful anticounterfeiting campaign.

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