July 8, 2011
CNNGo Features the Museum of Counterfeit Goods

CNNGo, the travel and lifestyle segment of the news website CNN, recently featured the Museum of Counterfeit Goods in its Bangkok section. James Evans, Consultant at Tilleke & Gibbins, explained the purpose of the museum and the consequences of counterfeiting during the interview. “Its purpose is to educate the public about intellectual property (IP) infringement and to create an awareness of the extent and consequences of counterfeiting,” says James.

Regarding the consequences and hazards of counterfeiting, James explains, “Because counterfeits are sold on the black market there are no health and safety checks, no audited supply chains to ensure fair working conditions, and no taxes paid to the government to improve the welfare of the country. Corners are cut in production and the cheapest labor possible is used, which often means child labor or exploitation of illegal immigrants.”

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