June 6, 2011
Press TV Interviews Suebsiri Taweepon on Thailand’s Counterfeit Trade
Press TV

Suebsiri Taweepon, an attorney-at-law in the Tilleke & Gibbins IP group, was recently interviewed by Press TV, an English-language international news network based in Tehran, Iran. The interview focused on the counterfeit trade in Thailand and the steps that the government and private companies are taking to combat it. “As a law firm, we represent thousands of clients to register trademarks and provide brand names to Customs agents, as well as quarterly training on how to identify counterfeit products versus regular products,” Suebsiri told Chen Fye Tham, who reported on the story. The report also featured an introduction to the Tilleke & Gibbins Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

To watch the video, please visit the Press TV YouTube channel.

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