April 28, 2011
Chief Values Officer: My Definition

In this age of amazing technological advancements, broadband information overload, anxiety, turmoil, extremes, diversions, and hope, a Chief Values Officer (CVO) of an organization is the guardian of that organization’s values and virtues, its culture, its spirit, its integrity, its ethical principles and moral foundations, and promotes adherence thereto. A CVO keeps the engine of an organization’s life running smoothly with minimal disruption to the environment and a maximum of character building and social responsibility. A CVO nurtures relationships and preserves the vital interests of all stakeholders of the organization within its immediate sphere of influence. A CVO is charged to keep the human side of an organization functioning on the course of honest, wise, responsible, legal, and accountable business and professional practices and in compliance with community standards and the organization’s or accepted sectorial codes of conduct.

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